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Hey friends, it's me again. Well the latest podcast we posted was the contest winner. Hope you all listened. It was so much fun to hear all of the entries. Even though I'm not sure why people did such whiny impressions of my voice. I have a very deep radio voice, so it's odd to me, but still very fun. Thank you everyone for your hard work on the projects.

In other news, if you haven't checked it out, be sure to go to the following link and vote for The Ceiling Fan. Thanks everyone, I'll talk to you all soon.



Guys, it's been WAYYYYY too long. Sorry I haven't written anything in a while. I've just been resting and enjoying being back home. The road trip was a blast, but it's always nice to get back to sleeping in your own bed for a change. Fortunately, I have these Hi Jack entries to listen to. Oh, speaking of, be sure to get yours in, the deadline is THIS MONDAY. You still have a little bit of time to get one together, if you want to win those awesome prizes. Well, I better get back to bed, the computer screen is kinda hurting my head. I'll talk to you all soon.

Ethan Daniels


Hey everybody, I hope you all got a chance to listen to The Ceiling Fan episode 29. If you haven't, maybe you should go do that right now, before you finish reading this blog post...Ok, and to all of you who are still reading this, you already know that I have miraculously obtained a memory I had been suppressing for years. I realized that, when I was a kid, my family drove through the town of Odyssey on a vacation and I remember exactly where we went. Now I would love to tell you guys, but I really want to keep it a secret until we get there, build up the suspense and all. But don't worry, once we get there, I promise, I will tell you guys the big secret. YOU ARE GOING TO BE SO SURPRISED!!!! So be sure to listen to the next podcast, where I plan to reveal the location of Odyssey and finally put 23 years of speculation to rest. I'll try to blog more soon. Thank for reading you guys.

-Ethan Daniels

Our Journey Up Pikes Peak

You can blame James for the blurry photo of us again. I cannot believe how interns think they can walk all over us major corporations and expect to get practical experience. But when practical experience involves taking blurry pictures of momentous occasions, we intern-givers get mad. Oh well. At least he learned how to make my coffee right.

As you can tell, we visited Pikes Peak after our time at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was good to finally set things straight with Bob, who, strangely enough, got picked up in my car. Afterwards, the four of us (or three, if you don't count Intern James) dropped by the Whit's End Welcome Center and had ice cream. Funny thing is, after that we dropped by the infamous slide and Phil sprained his ankle on the way down. So I'm sure you can imagine our attempted trip up Pikes Peak. How do you sprain your ankle in a kids slide? I'm still trying to figure that out.

Anyway, we made it past the initial trail of the mountain and Mr. Jinkus told us he wouldn't be able to make the climb. One argument later, the three of us tried to get a scenic photo with Pikes Peak in the background. Stupid blur. And now... our journey continues to find Odyssey. I'll keep you posted. For now, listen to our special podcast where we arrive in Colorado! Also, you can visit our official Road Trip page to follow us on our exciting journey!

Still on the road

Wow, I never realized that a road trip like this would take such a toll on me. Seriously, we've gone through 3 turnpikes already, so you do the math. It's also pretty tough on the "ol' caboose." I wish they would make cars with La-Z-Boys in them. Phil said we already have 2 in the car, but I sure haven't been able to find them. Either way, I don't think I prepared myself for this trip like I could have. I wasn't expecting it to take this long. It's been 3 weeks now and we still haven't found Odyssey. We've had a few set backs and that's why it's taking us so long. Like that blow out in St. Louis which forced us to stop for several hours, but what else are you going to do when you see a sign that reads, "Up to 75% off EVERYTHING IN THE STORE." We also had to stop and see some of Phil's relatives and that was pretty weird. They all looked and sounded just like him. It was like nothing I'd ever seen or would ever want to see again. Anyway, I just wanted to check in with you guys and let you know where we are at. Basically, we are about half way to Colorado Springs. Phil says there is a house half way he wants me to visit, I have no idea what he means by that. Anyway, at the rate we are going, we will most likely be in The Springs by Monday, just in time for the next podcast. Goodbye for now.

Ok, Hi Ethan Daniels here. We finally found some Wifi. We got to a nice hotel and I was able to ask one of the suckers dumb enough to actually PAY to sleep INSIDE (HAHA, fools) for the Wifi password. Anyway, here is what we recorded on Monday. Since that time we have begun heading back west. What's cool is, we are stopping a lot now on the way, to ask people if they know where Odyssey is. Surprisingly, most don't...well nobody seems to. I HAVE met some people who know what Odyssey is, so that's a relief. For a while there I was beginning to think I had imagined the whole thing. Then I got thinking, which I've found you do a lot on these road trips, about reality and what if my life was kinda like that movie The Truman Show, where they guys whole life is just one big TV reality show, then I thought about having a reality show of my own, then I wondered if I would need to make it first, then try to sell it to the tv networks, or if I should pitch the idea first, then I thought about paid programing, then I thought about programing the presets on the car radio, then I fell asleep. That's all for now, I think we are driving through Ohio right now, so maybe we will go see Jacob Isom or Loren Crisp. Hope you enjoy the episode and leave a comment for me. I will see you guys next time.


PS If you have any ideas about where Odyssey might be, let me know.

Late Episode

Hey friends, It's me Ethan Daniels. I'm writing this blog post from my cell phone. I couldn't find any wifi yesterday, so I'm going to have to post the next chapter in our Adventure to Odyssey tonight instead. Don't worry. Just to give you an update, Phil, The Intern, and myself are having a fun time, though we haven't found Odyssey. We didn't make it all the way up to New England, Instead, we are doubling back, to head somewhere else. You'll find out in our podcast, which will be available late tonight, once we find a hotel. Sorry this message is so short, Phil keeps talking and I can't think straight. Talk to you all soon.